Joel Visconte

Malcontented second son of a notorious Montreal crime boss


Joel is a slight kid, bordering on scrawny, but it hides the fact that he’s wiry-strong and quick. He has curly dark hair, an olive complexion and dark eyes that reflect his southern Italian background. In a pinch, though, he could pass for someone of Middle Eastern or even Aboriginal descent (he’s done both).


Joel is the 2nd son of Bruno “Thumper” Visconte, a notorious Montreal mob boss with connections in NY and Atlantic City. True, Joel is a crook—but that’s in spite of his infamous family, not because of it. He chafes under the dark Visconte reputation and wants no part of his father’s plans for him. He’s a rebel WITH a cause, which drives his father crazy…but the old man hasn’t given up on bringing his boy into the family business.

Joel Visconte

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