Ben Jabituya

A thech head


(If you have ever seen Short Circuit you will know this character… sorry in advance)
Ben is a techno sort of guy in fact he makes robots for a living. He has made many contraptions including one that can play the piano and more serious ones that disarm bombs and also use heavy artillery. He is a vault of information and a living computer in his own right. If he understood the English language as well as he understood other things he would not sound so dumb :P


Ben was born in India and his intelligence was quickly realized. when he was 4 he would fix radios and other things. At 10 he was making things to help his community and by 15 he sought to go to school and better himself so that one day he could return to his home and make everything better. He moved to Montreal and enlisted in (work in progress) His best work is J#5 a Military grade robot disarmed and refurbished to be a construction robot. It can also mix drinks.

Ben Jabituya

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