Welcome to Big Trouble from Beyond Infinity. This is a World of Darkness Chronicle where investigation of supra-normal phenomenon, high adventure, and sanity mix together with a pinch of humor. The story begins today (2012) in Montreal. And your life is about to change. You are about to have your first contact with paranormal phenomenon.

While scientists are trying to understand the nature of those phenomena, many organizations fight in an invisible war to control them. Secret societies, conspiracy organizations, intelligence services, global companies as well as criminal groups need specialists of supernatural. It is in this shadows and lights background that I offering you to play the role of a “supernatural merc”.

Although the campaign is designed to become a Hunters campaign at some point, you are starting as a normal human. The Character Creation Guidelines will provides the info you need to design you character. There is of course a way to munchkin or powergamed the stats of your character (a 35 years old ex-mercenary have more experience that a 15 years old high school student) but I leave that up to you. It is a storytelling game and the most important factor is FUN, yes the old FF (fun factor). Hope you will enjoy. Anyway your adventures start after a gaming night. You are coming back home. You were playing a Hunter: The Vigil Campaign called “Into the Beach…!?”

Speaking of beach, the night before the game, you past the evening watching movies with your friends for the monthly “Geek Night”. This time it was two classics from the 80’s: Big Trouble in Little China (1986) from Carpenter with Kurt Russell and Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity (1987). Now take those movies, shake well and that should give you the mood of the game. But if you end up imagining Kurt Russell in bikini surviving a remake of The Most Dangerous Game on the beaches of another planet in a far away galaxy…something is wrong with your proportions…!

Big Trouble From Beyond Infinity

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